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We improve our approach - product by product, year on year


We acknowledge that it is complex working with sustainability in our industry however we assume our responsibility for the environment, animals, consumers, and not least the people involved in the production of our goods – and we strive to improve our conduct; product by product, year on year. With our every day choices we have the ability to positively impact e.g., natural resources, CO2 emissions, working conditions, and animal welfare. We know that we cannot be perfect – but we believe that with we can play our part with an ongoing focus on sustainability and responsible business conduct.

Our products are designed based on principles of functionality, durability, and affordability. Designs that transcend time, longstanding supplier relationships, and responsible business conduct are the pillars on which we build our trustworthy brand.

We promise consumers and suppliers that we will never stop acquiring new knowledge and never stop searching for the better, more responsible and sustainable solution.

Stay tuned here for more details on our approach to products & materials, production & supply chain, transport & packaging, sustainability efforts, and product care.