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We set high requirements for responsible production and for the factories that produce our goods. We have carefully selected our suppliers and have worked with the majority since our establishment.

All four of our suppliers and their factories are located in India. We acknowledge that issues with e.g., work environment, child labour, and indecent working conditions persist in India (as well as in other Asian countries) and thus demand of our suppliers that they respect national and international laws, regulations, and standards within areas such as work environment, labour rights, environmental protection, and animal welfare.

Our suppliers’ cut-to-pack (tier 1) factories are all certified or audited against conventional standards such as SA8000 or SMETA – and one factory is furthermore assessed based on the social and environmental standards of a big international brand. This factory is also ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and is working on reorganizing the in-house tannery to fulfil the Zero Liquid Discharge standard, which will reduce the wastewater discharge and have a significant positive environmental impact. Our aim is that all cut-to-pack (tier 1) factories are SA8000 certified – and all factories in our supply chain are either already certified or already in the process of being certified.

The tanneries that supply the leather in our products are predominantly LWG-certified. We are working on ensuring that 100 % of our leather comes from LWG-certified tanneries.

It is a basic minimum requirement from our side that neither animals nor people and planet risk suffering harm in the production of our goods. Our requirements on working conditions, work environment, animal welfare, and environmental management are formulated in our Code of Conduct as well as in our Policies on Human Rights, Child Labour, Home Workers, Diversity, and Animal Welfare. We will not work with suppliers that do not want to comply with our requirements. If a supplier faces challenges within e.g., work environment or wastewater discharge, and is willing to improve their performance, we will support them in the best possible way to solve the problems at hand. We take responsibility for any adverse impact where our business has, potentially or actually, directly or indirectly negatively impacted animal, people, or planet – and we will use our leverage with suppliers in the best possible way.
We strive to visit our suppliers and their factories and tanneries twice a year. Considering the situation since 2020 it has been a challenge to uphold the physical presence at the factories in India – however, we hope to be able to travel safely to India again in 2022.

We are working on expanding our supply chain transparency and hope to be able to disclose names, locations, and potentially further performance points for all our suppliers, factories, and tanneries later in 2022. We have nothing to hide – on the contrary, we are very proud of our suppliers and their factories!