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We have always made high demands for ourselves and for the people we work with. Therefore, we have carefully selected our suppliers, and the conditions under which the people at the factories work. The suppliers are all placed in India, a country known for it's long history of great leather craftsmanship. We take a keen interest in every part of the process of making our bags. Thus, we stay in close contact with our suppliers on a daily basis.

We currently work with a few different suppliers to ensure the highest possible quality dependent on the type of hide we use. We prefer not to shop around, but establish collaborations that last for years on. Each of our suppliers is on their own level in terms of improving their production. Some are far, others are slowly progressing.

It is important to us to be a part of helping the smaller factories towards a better production. As stated here, we aim to help all our suppliers to become LWG Bronze rated by the end of 2021. See our goals here.

Our production work with creating bags of high quality, but it is equally important to us to run a business that takes seriously the safety and well-being of the workers. Some of our suppliers are amongst the most progressive in their field of expertise. Others we collaborate closely with to support and improve. 

One of our most progressive and innovative suppliers has their own LWG audited tannery. They also have the following certificates and standards: SA8000, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-45001, BS OHSAS 18001 certified and meet the PAS-7000 standard from BSI.

You can read about the different certificates and standards here:

Certificates & Standards

The same supplier have a lot of innovative technologies that aids saving and recycling water and waste water, reduce pollution and are continuously implementing more initiatives. The workers on the factory in mind are all working on payroll in contrast to being contract workers. This means that they are not working under the pressure of crafting X number of bags to earn X level of hourly rate. Also, as permanent employees, the workers receive a living wage, are covered with insurances and have a more secured work life.

One of our suppliers is a factory we participated in starting up from scratch. The employees have insurance, pension, private bank accounts, are union members and of course receive the regionally determined minimum wage. The tannery we use here and for one other supplier is not yet LWG certified, but we work with them on becoming members before the end of 2021.

The rest of our supplier’s tanneries are LWG certified. They are either Audited members or have a Bronze rating. They have high scores and only need to improve on one critical section each, in order to obtain a higher rating.

We visit the factories we work with approximately 3-4 times a year. Due to Covid-19 this has not been possible the past years, but we will be visiting again as soon as it is possible again. We aim to use the leftover leather from the production to make “waste bags” of leftover patches for our sister brand DAY&MOOD.

Finally, each bag has a care label including the batch number, which enables us to trace any product back to the production chain.