A Story of Passion

“I have been in the leather business for 16 years. I have developed, designed and produced leather bags for other brands – until 5 years ago."

"The thing that struck me at the time was, that I could not find a work bag for my self that had everything I was looking for: Functionality, quality and great looks from a brand that I as a consumer could identify with while still afford. That is how still nordic was born.”

“The challenge was now to build a business that was able to produce bags with all of the above-mentioned qualities without compromising on work ethics. Having already traveled the world, visiting leather manufacturers and getting an immense insight into leather production, I started my own factory in India. I knew several Indian suppliers, tanners and manufacturers who were just as passionate as I was, and together we built our production from scratch. It was important to me to be a part of the whole process to ensure that every step of the value chain was carried out in a careful manner.”

“Today, still nordic has expanded and developed to become a brand for both men and women but with the same values: Passion, loyalty and responsibility. And we continue to be curious on how to become better in out production and explore new ways of leather expression.”
- Martin S. Justesen, CEO and Founder