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Product Care

Product Care

There are many types of leather. You have to be careful with using leather treatment and care products. The wrong treatment can ruin your product or give it an unwanted look.

At still nordic vi mainly use two types of leather, derived from cow or buffalo:

  • smooth leather
  • Suede

We would always recommend, that a leather product is impregnated before use and regularly, for example when the seasons change. When impregnationg leather, it is important to choose a protection spray testet and approved for the type of leather you wish to protect. Do you after some time think that your bag could use a bit of love? Our recommendation would be to clean the product with leather cleanser. When the product is cleaned and dry, you should care for it with a leathergrease or leathercream for smooth leather, or a conditioner for suede. You should always test any treatment and care product on a small, less visible part of your product, before using it all over the product.  

We offer product care products here.

If the bag gets a spot or mark, please send us an email at with a picture of the bag and the spot and the style name. Then we will guide you to how you may be able to remove the spot or mark. In order to take care of your bag for many years, we advise you to keep it out of direct sun and heavy rain.

In case you after many years of usage, decide it’s time to let go of your still nordic bag, we highly encourage for you to do it in a thoughtful way. May that be by selling it second hand through re-selling platforms like Trendsales, selling it through rent-a-rack concepts or luxury second hand shops or simply just donating to your local thrift shop.

NB: still nordic cannot be held responsible for a wrong treatment of a bag.