We are proud to have achieved a range of sustainability results in 2020, 2021, and 2022 - see the below table to learn of some of them.


At least I'm reused!

We recycle old cardboard boxes when we ship products from our warehouse to consumers. The boxes have a sticker, made of 100% recycled paper, saying: "I MAY BE AN UGLY BOX, BUT AT LEAST I'M REUSED!".

Juni 2021

Leather Working Group

We became members of Leather Working Group through our parent company. We fully support the great work that Leather Working Group is doing and aim to source 100 % of our leather from LWG certified tanneries. We stay updated on new requirements and tendencies in the leather industry and engage actively in webinars and brand meetings.

As of 2021, 89% of the leather in our products comes from Leather Working Group certified tanneries. The Leather Working Group certification ensures us that working conditions and environmental protection comply with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards at tanneries.

September 2021

micro-pak dri clay

All shipments from India are now packed with Micro-Pak Dri Clay moisture absorbing bags. A more effective and sustainable alternative to Silica Gel Bags. Plastic free, packed in FSC-certified paper, and biologically degradable.


Cotton lining

One in four suppliers has fully shifted the cotton lining to be organic, GOTS-certified. GOTS-certificeret lining ensures lining that is socially and environmentally safely produced.


Code of conduct

Code of Conduct and Policies within e.g., Child Labour, Human Rights, and Animal Welfare are updated and dispersed to all suppliers. It is a clear statement of our requirements and dedication to work seriously with human rights, animal rights, and environmental due diligence in our supply chain.


Code of Responsible practices

Code of Responsible Practices has been formulated and dispersed to the still nordic team. Code of Responsible Practices is a clear company policy on expectations for our own responsible business conduct.