We are proud to have achieved a range of sustainability results in 2020, 2021, and 2022 - see the below table to learn of some of them.



GOAL: Before the end of 2021, we aim to get all our suppliers Leather Working Group audited with a Bronze rating.

We've got to be honest. This goal should have sounded differently. We should have mentioned the percentage of leather that we sourced from LWG certified tanneries, when we made the goal in 2020. That would have been much easier to understand. Also, we found out that some of our suppliers' tanneries were not even going to get a LWG audit in 2021, which makes it impossible to get a better rating before next year. Therefore, we will break it down for you, as we should have done from the beginning.

In 2020 we sourced 54% of our leather from LWG certified tanneries, all with a Bronze rating.

In 2021, we have sourced 89% of our leather from LWG certified tanneries. That's an increase of 65% in one year. We sourced 39% from a Silver rated tannery, 39% from a Bronze rated tannery and 11% from an Audited tannery.

In early 2022 we will announce when we aim to source 100% of our leather from LWG certified tanneries.

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November 2020


GOAL: Before the end of 2021, we aim to change our lining from conventional cotton to a better alternative, which we are currently researching - be it organic cotton, recycled polyester or a mixed material.

We genuinely wanted to implement this in 2021. However, we are facing a lot of challenges in the global infrastructure, which leads to a massive increase in shipping costs and raw materials prices. It has only been possible to implement organic cotton lining at one of our suppliers in 2021. Thus, we are forced to postpone the rest of this aim until it's more realistic for us economically.

We will share future goals in the beginning of 2022, where we will also address lining.

November 2020


GOAL: Before the end of 2021, we aim to change to FSC certified cardboard hang tags and strings made of a more sustainable alternative to cotton, which we are currently researching - be it organic cotton, recycled polyester or a mixed material.

We just finished the new design of the hang tag, which has been long on the way. We've been awaiting approval from Leather Working Group to mention our membership on the hang tags. Therefore, we expect to start sourcing a FSC certified supplier in January 2022.



GOAL: Before the end of 2021, we aim to change our packaging materials to be better alternatives: Eco-friendly tape, a better alternative to conventional plastic bags and FSC certified boxes. We are currently researching, which solutions are better.

- Shipping boxes: Our warehouse now saves as many usable shipping boxes from suppliers to pack as many consumer orders in as possible. These are marked with a sticker made of 100% recycled paper saying: "I MAY BE AN UGLY BOX, BUT AT LEAST I'M REUSED!".
- Small shipping bags: We ship small items in small plastic bags made of more than 95% recycled plastic instead of the large cardboard shipping boxes. This contributes to a better utilization of space during transportation.

- Dry bags: To avoid mould during storage and transportation desiccants are needed. All deliveries from our suppliers sent per 1st of September 2021, will be shipped with Mikro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft bags. They are a 100% natural and plastic-free desiccant packed in Kraft paper. Before, we used the conventional Silica gel bags. 

- Shipping boxes: From now on, we use FSC certified boxes to ship from our warehouse. Half of our suppliers implemented FSC certified boxes, the other half is still sourcing.
- Tape: As soon as our current stock of packaging tape is used up, we change to FSC certified, paper based tape.
- Poly bags: Even though we would love to avoid using single-use plastics, using poly bags is a requirement from many retailers and protects the product during shipping and storage. We have implemented 100% recycled plastic poly bags at the majority of our suppliers, but are still sourcing for the rest.
- Stuffing:  We don't use stuffing in our soft leather goods, only in the products made in our more sleek and stiff quality need stuffing to keep its shape. We currently use inflatable air cushions made of virgin polymers. Please deflate before disposal. We are looking for alternatives including more recycled materials.

November 2020


GOAL: We constantly aim to keep the quantities shipped by air as low as possible. In 2021, we aim to ship approximately 85% by sea and 15% by air.

In 2021, we have shipped 73% by sea and 23% by air. Our aim was higher and so was our first mid-year evaluation. The reason that we are not able to reach the goal for 2021 is that we have faced massive delays due to the Covid-19 situation, the international shipping issues as well as shortage of raw materials. We have certain obligations towards our retailers, and we have to adhere to delivery deadlines. Therefore, we have shipped more by air to meet our deadlines than we originally intended.

EARLY 2022


In the beginning of 2022, we will announce our new goals and ambitions. 2021 has been way more challenging than we first assumed. We've worked hard to obtain our 2021-goals, but we have not succeeded 100%. This is in no way due to lack of will, but simply because we've realized that the processes are longer than what we thought at first, but surely also because Covid-19, international shipping issues as well as increased prices on raw material has caused a lot of trouble for our little business.