The Leather

Leather is a natural product. That means it develops various looks depending on the particular lives of the animals. Hence, most of our products will have minor imperfections, stains and scratches. That is the look we love, as it is proof of the animals having lived free lives where they were able rub themselves against trees, rolling around in the grass and being bit by bugs. Just like us humans – sometimes we get bruises.

The skins in our Core Collection come from farmed but unleashed buffalos, giving the bags a characteristic rawness, texture and distinctive look. After tanning, the skins are given a light colour treatment that allows the natural surface to be visible.
Additionally, we use skins from Danish cows in our Premium Danish Leather collection. Danish cowhides are considered an exclusive commodity and are therefore mostly exported to other countries. The climate of the North has a different impact on the skins compared to southern climates. The Danish skins therefore appear less structured, leaving the bags with a smooth finish.

At last, the leather in our seasonal collections varies in treatment and look, depending on the particular design. We love to nerd out and innovate new ways of leather expressions, making material and design come beautifully together.

Leather Treatment

There exits many different kinds of leather. Giving your bag a harmful kind of treatment can ruin the bag. At still nordic, we have given all our bags a treatment that protects them from getting permanent marks and stains. If you want to give your bag an additional treatment, we recommend clear leather cream. Leather cream can never harm your bag and can be used with advantage if the leather appears dry over time. However, we always recommend trying the treatment on a less visible place on the bag to make sure that it works as desired.
If you get a stain on your bag, wring out a cloth and carefully wipe your bag. If your stain will not come of, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice. To take extra good care of your bag, please keep it away from direct sunlight and heavy rain for longer periods at a time. NB: still nordic do not take responsibility for incorrect treatments of bags.