Spring 20 – About the Collection

Spring 20 – About the Collection

Trend and timelessness are per definition opposites – but not this spring. 2020 is the year for change. These days, many consumers reavaluate their purchasing habits, making them strive to create the perfect wardrobe of ageless, timeless items with keepworthy appeal. This tendency has made a huge impact on the fashion scene of Spring 20.

Anouk Bumbag Still Nordic SS20

That is also a strive that is reflected in the brand DNA of still nordic and in our products, resulting in them being ever so relevant. Spring 20 is dedicated to the contemporary consumer, who values quality, good craftmanship and bags with transseasonal appeal.

Still Nordic Vesterhavet

Still Nordic Spring 20

Spring 20 incorporates trends in such a subtle manner that each item is contemporary, but can be worn and appreciated for many years onwards. Moreover, the modern, yet minimalistic look provides the consumer with the posibility to style the bags with all kinds of outfits and layers.

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