Spring 20 - Fashion Trends

Spring 20 - Fashion Trends

Is your wardrobe ready for the spring season? We have created a guide with all of spring’s new trends and chosen color schemes. We have selected our favorite styles from the Spring 20 collection that fits the spring wardrobe perfectly.



Dive into a spring universe of breezy pink tones, delicate, dusty powder shades as well as the classic black. Our collection is applicable across gender, seasons and trends. Therefore, you can use our styles year after year and as unisex items in your basic wardrobe.

/1 Anouk Bumbag in the color Burn

/2 Thor Backpack in the color Royal Blue

/3 Thor Mini Messenger in the color Royal Blue

/4 April Bucket Bag in the color Dusty Rose

/5 April Crossbody in the color Dusty Rose

/6 April Multi Belt Bag in the color  Black

/7 Anouk Hobo in the color  Black


This year’s spring trends are inspirited by nature and its shades. The clean lines and simplistic expression of the season can be combined with more bold styles and colors.

/1 Dundee Clean Weekend Bag in the color  Brown

/2 Thor Computer Sleeve 13 in the color  Royal Blue

/3 Thor Brief 2 Room in the color  Royal Blue

/4 Clean Backpack 1 room 15 in the color  Cognac

/5 Clean Zip Messenger in the color  Cognac

/6 Anouk Bumbag in the color  Lemon Curry 

/7 Thor Messenger in the color  Black

/8 Thor Backpack in the color  Black


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