How to Choose the Right Weekendbag

How to Choose the Right Weekendbag

You are going on a trip. You know what to bring, now you just need to go get your bag to pack your stuff in. What kind of bag do you have? A big suitcase? An old sportsbag that you have used for active wear for years? There is nothing like wear and tear, bad looks or lack of functionality that can kill your will to pack - not to speak of the feeling and convenience when on the go.

That is why we have made a checklist that you can run through to become aware of your needs and eventually get yourself a travel bag that makes both packing and traveling a delight.

still nordic weekend bagChecklist of Needs
Ability to carry the bag crossbody, in hand or on wheels  ☑️ 
Space enough for shorter or longer trips  ☑️ 
Importance of design  ☑️ 
Importance of the bag reflecting your style  ☑️ 
Durability - the material of the bag  ☑️ 
Number of small and big rooms and pockets  ☑️ 
Functional features such as phone or pencil holder  ☑️ 
Versatility and importance of multipurpose  ☑️ 


still nordic weekend bag

 still nordicclean weekend bag black

When you have though these points over, you will probably be more aware of your needs and more capable of choosing the bag that is right for you. Look for the style, the material and both the outer and inner functions when browsing.

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