stillEffekt Care & Clean 200ml (sponge incl.)

stillEffekt Care & Clean 200ml (sponge incl.)

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stillEFFEKT Care & Clean is a cleaning detergent for most types of leather. It is a water-based product made of natural ingredients without organic solvents. Also, the cleansing spray contains the antioxidants needed to prolong the life of leather, keeps the leather soft and has a levelling effect on spots and scratches.

Important information:
- Spray a small amount on the sponge, massage onto the bag until it foams up. Wipe off excess foam with a clean, dry cloth.
- Avoid spraying directly on the bag, as you may risk to affect the color of the bag.
- If in doubt, test the product on a less visible part of the bag, before applying to the entire bag.
Treatment is at your own risk.

Dimensions: 200 ml

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