stillEffekt Leather Balm 45g (sponge incl.)

stillEffekt Leather Balm 45g (sponge incl.)

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EFFEKT Leather Balm is a leather care product useful on most kinds of leather. The balm is easy to apply, cleans the surface of the leather and the nutrients keep the leather soft. It is a water-based product made of natural ingredients without organic solvents. Also, the leather balm contains the antioxidants needed to prolong the life of leather, it enhances the color of the leather and makes cracks and scratches less visible.

Important information:
- Start out with a little amount of leather balm to keep the drying time as short as possible.
- Apply a small amount (pea size) of the product on the sponge and test it on a less visible part of the bag. Then you will see how the leather responds to the treatment, before applying it on the entire bag.
- Be careful with use on suede, nubuck, doubleface and leather in light colors.
- Wash the sponge after use, and make sure it dries before next use.
Treatment is at your own risk.

Dimensions: 45 gr.

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