Our business is built upon passion – from the founder’s desire to create the ideal leather bag for everyday use to our talented leather craftsmen in India. Our whole team is characterized by an inevitable drive and we continue to be curious about new ways of creating leather looks and not at least running a leather business in a careful and contemporary manner.


“A Jutlandic spirit” is a Danish saying that refers to the reliability of people living in the Danish countryside of Jutland. This saying is key to still nordic, which was founded in the Jutlandic town Ikast. No matter how big we get, we will never compromise on our loyalty to our collaboraters, from retailers to manufacturers and employees, as well as our own ideals.


We are involved in every link of our value chain and take responsibility for our whole production. We visit our collaborators in both Denmark and India several times a year to ensure the work conditions on our factories, the wellbeing of our employees and our environmental impact. Our code of conduct is responsibility – all the way around.