still nordic launches two primary collections each year, Fall and Spring, plus two minor collections, Summer and Christmas. Additionally, we have a core collection with strong basics that never goes out of style.

Finally, we present an exclusive collection made entirely out of 100% Danish cowhide – a rare material to be found at the prices we present.

Core Collection

Our Core Collection bears the name Clean, because that is what it is: Pure, minimalistic and cut to the bone.

Every bag is carefully designed to accommodate your needs to keep everything from laptop to pencils, phone, briefs or sportswear. The bags have integrated pockets, compartments and holders to keep it all in order.

The leather comes from farmed unleashed Buffalos from India and has had a light coloring allowing the structure and natural marks from the skin to be visual. Furthermore, the styles have metal hardware in the color antique bras.


Premium Danish Leather

Leather can have a different look depending on the treatment, type of skin, the particular animals and the climate they have lived in. The latter is the reason we have introduced a special line using Danish skins.

While the quality leather coming from Indian Buffalos, which we use for our Core Collection, has a structured and slightly rough look, the Danish leather appears more smooth and delicate.

Danish leather is most often used as an exclusive export commodity for furniture.
However, we have constructed a business model that allows us to use Danish leather while keeping the prices affordable.


Spring 19

Geometry is the recurring motif of the Spring 19 collection. Circles, rectangles, quadrats and trapezes have been drawn into the design, which as per usual is characterized by a Scandinavian minimalistic look and ultimate functionality.

Spring 19 presents a range of brand new styles, three exclusive colors and a selection of previous bestsellers with new features. The bags continue to be handmade from 100% pure leather.


Small Items

The benefits of great leather do not only apply to bags. A long lasting quality pencil case or wallet gives you a clean look and feels just as much of a lift as a proper leather bag.

Our selection of small items presents belts, iPhone covers, key hangers, wallets, credit card holders, passport holders, earphone holders and pencil cases. Small leather items serve as great gifts as well.