Still nordic is an authentic Scandinavian bag brand, that strives to create timeless designs for the modern consumer. our image is casual and cool, and reflects the nordic lifestyles and values.

By combining the scandinavian aesthetics with experienced and talented leather craftsmen, we ensure that our products can be enjoyed for years. 

In adition to two yearly collections, fall and spring, Still nordic has a core collection with strong basic styles. Common to all collections is a huge focus on functionality, quality and great prices.


Still Nordic fall 18


The brand idea, development and launch dates back to 2013, where a unique opportunity appeared for combining our scandinavian designers with the finest suppliers of leather bags.

All bags are produced at our own factory in India. A factory where a pleasant environment and workers well-being are key words. Only in nice and inspiring surroundings can each bag and each detail get the attention it deserves. All bags are completed by hand, giving each bag a unique look and finish. 

For Our craftsmen leather, finish, and quality is a matter of honor. They are very passionate and their skills are inherited through the generations. Many of the families have worked with leather and leather products throughout the centuries.


Still nordic Evie

Brand Values


The entire foundation at Still Nordic is build on passion.
It’s the driving force in our business, and we have a wish to share it through valuable products, and to inspire and influence through our excitement for nordic design.


Loyalty is everything to us.
In addition to our external loyalty, we also stay true to our own ideals and ways of running a business. 


We want to run a fair business.
Responsibility adds value for employees, commodities, production and customers. We own our entire value chain, and are proud to challenge in order to become better at what we do.



Still Nordic Nobi Bag

The Concept

Through always being ’’hands on’’ and always refining our processes, we create a nordic brand that inspires and develops new standards within the leather industry
- for the benefit of all.

We are convinced that our efforts and actions creates a positive difference - not just for us and our customers, but also for the end consumer and our partners. Not just economic and financial, but also for sustainability and excitement.

We set a new agenda and are in front, with focus on enhancement. We are not afraid of challenging or involving our partners.

We take responsibility. When it comes to our employees, commodities, design, production, products and customers, we always work on the best solution, for the benefit of all.

We are always close by and passionate, when it comes to our actions. That is our foundation and driving force.

We differentiate and make a difference. It needs to be communicated in a simple way without bragging - It is simply the way we are. Storytelling.


Still Nordic Evie Brief

The Big Why

We do it with passion, knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility. And we do it by challenging all thinkable processes within our business.

We design, manufacture and sell leather bags and accessories - all at our own factories, from the raw material and up to the finished product.

We believe in challenging the status quo within the leather industry, while creating higher value for everyone involved in our world.


Still Nordic Male


Our vision is to be an international leading brand within the bag and accessories industry, targeting the commercial fashion consumer with the timeless Nordic inspired design. 


We are

Still true to our nordic roots and values
Still passionate in everyting we do
Still challenging the status quo
Still loyal in the way we act
Still creating higher value
Still responsible


Still nordic