still nordic Ryder Toiletry Bag Toiletry Black
still nordic Ryder Toiletry Bag Toiletry Black
still nordic Ryder Toiletry Bag Toiletry Black
still nordic Ryder Toiletry Bag Toiletry Black
still nordic Ryder Toiletry Bag Toiletry Black
still nordic Ryder Toiletry Bag Toiletry Black

Ryder Toiletry Bag

Regular price €89,99

This bag is an extension of our existing Ryder program, which has a cool, sporty look and details. Ryder Toiletry Bag has a simple and boxy design with plenty of room for all your toiletries. The trendy zip on the top part makes it easily accessible and it allows you to have full-overview of the things you've alreay put in to the bag. Inside the toiletry bag you'll find two zip-closed pockets for your scissors, tweezers etc. Besides, the strap on the side makes it easy to grab among your stuff in your Ryder Weekend Bag.

Please note:
Leather is a natural material, and therefore the look of the leather may differ from bag to bag and on each individual bag. Pictures on the webshop may vary from the product you will receive.

100% leather
100% polyester lining
Zipped main compartment
Two interior, zipped-pockets

Dimensions: Height: 13 cm. Width: 25 cm. Depth: 12 cm. Handle drop: 4 cm. Handle width: 3 cm

What we do to do better


At still nordic we understand the responsibility we have for the planet and the people involved in the production of our products. We acknowledge that there is no such thing as being 100% sustainable as a fashion brand. Yet we strive to do better with each collection we launch.

Sustainability is a tricky subject. It has become a trend to make sustainability claims, and we realize that it’s not easy to figure out, what is up and down, and which choices are better and why. It all depends on what focus you have on sustainability. Whether it’s about reducing CO2 emissions, improving waste treatment, working conditions, longevity or animal welfare, it all affects the definition and derived choices.

We have always been quite reserved in our communication, as we truly do not want to contribute with misinformation or in any way propose that we are perfect – we still have a lot of work to do. However, we realized that by not communicating, we are not pushing for the change we want to see. And thus, we want to openly share our vision, challenges and progress, so you can make an easier and more well-informed choice.

Our approach is to continuously work om improving our designs and production as to increase traceability and minimize production waste and emissions – all while providing safe and secure working conditions. That being said, we are on a journey that we want to share openly.

Since we were founded in 2013, we have designed our products with longevity as the main focus. Longevity in regard to quality of materials and timeless design that can be worn and considered trendy for many years. We do not subscribe to the classic fast fashion premise of throw away mentality, but encourage you to only buy what you love – and care for it accordingly.

We have a c ore collection with strong basic items and only two annual collections – Fall and Spring with two drops each. Oftentimes, we decide to prolong the existence of some of our bestselling programs.

Thor and April are good examples of programs, which were launched in Spring 20 and then decided to prolong for several seasons. Because again – great quality and design never goes out of style.

On the following pages you can read more about our materials (and why we do not opt for vegan leather alternatives), our production partners and our current goals. Below, you'll find the Leather Working Group logo and link to their website. We are a member of the Leather Working Group. You can read more about it here.  

For product care advice, we have formulated a brief guide for you, and if you have any questions to our approach to sustainability, you are always more than welcome to contact us on

We strive to do better – this is how we do it 

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